Object Detection and Learning

Multi-task Unaligned Shared Knowledge Transfer
Tatiana Tommasi (Idiap Research Institute), Novi Quadrianto (University of Cambridge), Barbara Caputo (IDIAP), Christoph Lampert (IST Austria)
Cross-database Transfer Learning via Learnable and Discriminant Error-correcting Output Codes
Feng-Ju Chang (Academia Sinica), Yen-Yu Lin (Academia Sinica), Ming-Fang Weng (Academia Sinica)
Human Reidentification with Transferred Metric Learning
Wei LI (The Chinese University of HK), Rui ZHAO (The Chinese University of HK), Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University HK)

Object Recognition I

Grouping Active Contour Fragments for Object Recognition
Wei Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Songling Song, Hong Chang, xilin Chen
Detecting partially occluded objects with an Implicit Shape Model Random Field (PDF)
Paul Wohlhart (Graz University of Technology), Peter Roth, Michael Donoser (Graz University of Technology), Horst Bischof (Technische Universitat Graz)
Relative Forest for Attribute Prediction
Shaoxin Li (Chinese Academy of Science), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Discriminative Dictionary Learning with Pairwise Constraints
Huimin Guo (University of Maryland), Zhuolin Jiang (University of Maryland), Larry Davis (U. Maryland, USA)

Segmentation and Grouping

Simultaneous Monocular 2D Segmentation, 3D Pose Recovery and 3D Reconstruction
Victor Prisacariu (University of Oxford), Alex Segal (University of Oxford), Ian Reid (University of Oxford)
Application of heterogenous motion models towards structure recovery from motio
Rohith MV (University of Delaware), Chandra Kambhamettu (University of Delaware)

Image Representation and Retrieval

Quadra-Embedding: Binary Code Embedding with Low Quantization Error
Youngwoon Lee (KAIST), Jae-Pil Heo (KAIST), Sung-eui Yoon (KAIST)
Learning a Context Aware Dictionary for Sparse Representation
Gianfranco Doretto (West Virginia University), Farzad Siyahjani (West Virginia University)
Robust Multiple-Instance Learning with Superbags
Borislav Antic (University of Heidelberg), Bjorn Ommer

Object Recognition II

Rapid Uncertainty Computation with Gaussian Processes and Histogram Intersection Kernels
Alexander Freytag (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Erik Rodner (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Paul Bodesheim (University of Jena, Germany), Joachim Denzler
Histogram of Oriented Normal Vectors for Object Recognition with a Depth Sensor
Shuai Tang (University of Missouri), Xiaoyu Wang, Tony Han (University of Missouri), James Keller, Marjorie Skubic, Shihong Lao, Zhihai He
Globally Optimal Consensus Set Maximization Through Rotation Search
Jean-Charles Bazin (ETHZ), yongduek Seo (Sogang)
Graspable PartsRecognition in Man-made 3D Shapes
Hamid Laga (University of South Australia)

Optical flow and Tracking

Adaptive Integration of Feature Matches into Variational Optical Flow Methods
Michael Stoll (University of Stuttgart (VIS)), Sebastian Volz (University of Stuttgart), Andres Bruhn (University of Stuttgart)
Efficient Learning of Linear Predictors using Dimensionality Reduction
Stefan Holzer (Technische Universität München), Slobodan Ilic, David Joseph Tan (Technische Universität München), Nassir Navab (TU Muenchen)
Robust visual tracking using dynamic classifier selection with sparse representation of label noise
Yuefeng Chen, Qing Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Video Analysis and Action Recognition

Action Disambiguation Analysis Using Normalized Google-Like Distance Correlogram
Qianru Sun (Peking University), Hong Liu (Peking University)
Alpha flow for video matting
Mikhail Sindeev (Keldysh Institute), Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research), Anton Konushin
Combinational Subsequence Matching for Human Identification from General Actions
Maodi Hu (Buaa), Yunhong Wang, James Little

Shape Reconstruction and and Optimization

Self-calibration and Motion Recovery from Silhouettes with Two Mirrors
Hui Zhang (United International College), Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong (HKU, Hong Kong), Ling Shao
Stereo Reconstruction and Contrast Restoration in Daytime Fog
Laurent Caraffa (IFSTTAR), Jean-Philippe Tarel (IFSTTAR)
Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment by Parameter Space Decomposition
Shanmin Pang (Xi'an Jiao tong University), Jianru Xue (Xian Jiaotong University, China), Le Wang, Nanning Zheng
Learning Feature Subspaces for Appearance-Based Bundle Adjustment
Hwann-Tzong Chen, Chia-Ming Cheng

Applications of Computer Vision

Apparel Classification with Style (PDF, dataset)
Lukas Bossard, Matthias Dantone, Christian Leistner, Christian Wengert, Till Quack, Luc Van Gool
Removing skin wrinkles and deblurreing veins by using tri-band illumination
Naoto Miura (University of Tokyo), Yoichi Sato (University of Tokyo)
Reconstruction of 3D surface and restoration of flat document image from monocular image sequence
Yoshihiro Watanabe (University of Tokyo), hiroki Shibayama, Masatoshi Ishikawa (Japan)
Utilizing Optical Aberrations for Light-efficient Panoramas
Huixuan Tang (University of Toronto), Kyros Kutulakos (University of Toronto)


Object Detection, Learning and Matchingg

Design of a Text Detection System via Hypothesis Generation and Verification
Sam Tsai (Stanford University), Vasu Parameswaran (Nokia Research Center), Jerome Berclaz (Nokia Research Center), Ramakrishna Vedantham (Nokia Research Center), Radek Grzeszczuk (Nokia Research Center), Bernd Girod (Stanford University)
Tell me what you like and I'll tell you what you are: discriminating visual preferences by crowdsourcing
Pietro Lovato, Alessandro Perina, Omar Zandona, Alessio Montagnini, Nicu Sebe (University of Trento, Italy), Manuele Bicego, Marco Cristani (IIT)
Local Context Priors for Object Proposal Generation
Marko Ristin (ETH Zurich), Juergen Gall (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Luc Van Gool (ETH Zurich)
Arbitrary-Shape Object Localization using Adaptive Image Grids
Chunluan Zhou (NTU), Junsong Yuan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Disambiguation in Unknown Object Detection by Integrating Image and Speech Recognition Condences
Yuko Ozasa (Kobe University), Yasuo Ariki (Kobe University), Naoto Iwahashi (NICT), Mikio Nakano (HRI)
Class-Specific Weighted Dominant Orientation Templates for object detection
HuiJin Lee (POSTECH), Ki Sang Hong
Salient Object Detection via Color Contrast and Color Distribution
Keren Fu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Chen Gong, Jie Yang
Data Decomposition and Spatial Mixture Modeling for Part based Model
Junge ZHANG (NLPR), Kaiqi Huang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tieniu Tan (NLPR, CASIA, china)
Appearance Sharing for Collective Human Pose Estimation
Marcin Eichner (ETH Zurich), Vittorio Ferrari (University of Edinburgh)
Max-Margin Regularization for Reducing Accidentalness in Chamfer Matching
Pradeep krishna Yarlagadda (University of Heidelberg), Angela Eigenstetter (IWR University Heidelberg), Bjorn Ommer
Coupling-and-Decoupling: a Hierarchical Model for Occlusion-Free Car Detection
Bo Li (bit.edu.cn), Tianfu Wu (bupt.edu.cn), Wenze Hu (ucla.edu), Mingtao Pei (bit.edu.cn)
The Pooled NBNN Kernel: Beyond Image-to-Class and Image-to-Image
Konstantinos Rematas (K.U. Leuven), Tinne Tuytelaars (K.U.Leuven), Mario Fritz (MPI-Informatik)
Local Hypersphere Coding Based on Edges between Visual Words
Weiqiang Ren (CASIA), YongZhen Huang (NLPR), Kaiqi Huang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tieniu Tan (NLPR, CASIA, china)
Spatially Local Coding for Object Recognition
Sancho McCann (UBC), David Lowe
Semantic Segmentation with Millions of Features: Integrating Multiple Cues in a Combined Random Forest Approach
Björn Fröhlich (FSU Jena), Erik Rodner (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Joachim Denzler
Semi-Supervised Learning on a Budget: Scaling up to Large Datasets
Sandra Ebert (Max Planck Institute), Mario Fritz (MPI-Informatik), Bernt Schiele (MPI Informatics)
One-Class Multiple Instance Learning via Robust PCA for Common Object Discovery
Xinggang Wang (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. &), Tech., Zhengdong Zhang, Yi Ma (Microsoft Research Asia), Zhuowen Tu (Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Department of Neurology, UCLA )
Online Semi-supervised Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation
Guangxiao Zhang (University of Maryland), Zhuolin Jiang (University of Maryland), Larry Davis (U. Maryland, USA)
Efficient Discriminative Learning of Class Hierarchy for Many Class Prediction
Lin Chen (NTU), Lxin Duan (NTU), Ivor Tsang (NTU), Dong Xu (Nanyang Technological University)
CMML: a New Metric Learning Approach for Cross Modal Matching
Alexis Mignon (GREYC -- CNRS), Frederic Jurie

Feature, Representation and Recognition

Adaptive Unsupervised Multi-View Feature Selection for Visual Concept Recognition
Yinfu Feng (Zhejiang University), Jun Xiao (Zhejiang University), Yueting Zhuang (Zhejiang University), Xiaoming Liu (General Electric)
Iris Recognition using Consistent Corner Optical Flow
Aditya Nigam (Indian Institute of Technology), Phalguni Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology)
Face Recognition in Videos - A Graph Based Modified Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Gayathri Mahalingam (University of Delaware), Chandra Kambhamettu (University of Delaware)
Learning Hierarchical Bag of Words using Naive Bayes Clustering
Siddhartha Chandra (IIIT Hyderabad), Shailesh Kumar, Jawahar C V (IIIT, Hyderabad)
Efficient Human Parsing Based on Sketch Representation
Meng Wang (BUAA), Zhaoxiang Zhang (Beihang University), Yunhong Wang
Effectively Leveraging Visual Context to Detect Texts in Natural Scenes
Jiyan Pan (Carnegie Mellon University), Ye Chen (Microsoft Corporation), Bo Anderson (Microsoft Corporation), Pavel Berkhin (Microsoft Corporation), Takeo Kanade (Carnegie Mellon University)
Exclusive Visual Descriptor Quantization
YU ZHANG (Ntu.sg), Jianxin Wu (NTU, Singapore), Weiyao Lin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Hierarchical Classification for Live Fish Recognition
Phoenix Huang (University of Edinburgh), Bastiaan Boom (University of Edinburgh), Robert Fisher (University of Edinburgh)
Local 3D Symmetry for Visual Saliency
Ekaterina Potapova (TUW), Michael Zillich, Markus Vincze
Exploiting Features -- Locally Interleaved Sequential Alignment for Object Detection
Tomas Svoboda (CTU in Prague), Karel Zimmermann (CTU in Prague), David Hurych (CTU in Prague)
Efficient and Scalable $4$-th order Match Propagation
David Ok (Imagine ENPC), Renaud Marlet
Hierarchical Object Representations for Visual Recognition via Weakly Supervised Learning
Tianzhu Zhang (ADSC)
Invariant Surface-Based Shape Descriptor for Dynamic Surface Encoding
Tony Tung (Kyoto University), Takashi Matsuyama
Linear Discriminant Analysis with Maximum Correntropy Criterion
Wei ZHOU (Waseda University)
AfNet: The Affordance Network
Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan (TU Wien)
A Directed Graphical Model for Linear Barcode Scanning from Blurred Images
Ling Chen (SWUFE)
A Probabilistic 3D Model Retrieval System using Sphere Image
Ke Ding (The Chinese University of HK), yunhui Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
Stefan Hinterstoisser (TU Muenchen), Vincent Lepetit (EPFL, Switzerland), Slobodan Ilic, Stefan Holzer (Technische Universität München), Kurt Konolige (Industrial Perception), Gary Bradski (Industrial Perception), Nassir Navab (TU Muenchen)
Boosting with Side Information
Jixu Chen (GE), Xiaoming Liu (General Electric), lsw@cs.albany.edu Lyu
Generalized Mutual Subspace Based Methods for Image Set Classification
Takumi Kobayashi (National Institute of AIST)

Segmentation, Grouping and Classification

Locality-constrained Active Appearance Model (PDF, code)
Xiaowei Zhao (ICT,CAS,China), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Xiujuan Chai (ICT,CAS), Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Modeling Hidden Topics with Dual Local Consistency for Image Analysis
Peng Li (CASIA), Jian Cheng, Hanqing Lu (Institure of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Design of Non-Linear Discriminative Dictionaries for Image Classification
Ashish Shrivastava (University of Maryland, CP), Hien Nguyen (University of Maryland, CP), Vishal Patel (University of Maryland, CP), Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland, CP)
Efficient Background Subtraction\\ under Abrupt Illumination Variations
Junqiu Wang (Osaka University), Yasushi Yagi
Naive Bayes Image Classification: beyond Nearest Neighbors (PDF)
Radu Timofte (K.U. Leuven), Tinne Tuytelaars (K.U.Leuven), Luc Van Gool (K.U. Leuven and ETH Zurich)
Contextual Pooling in Image Classification
Zifeng Wu (NLPR), YongZhen Huang (NLPR), Liang Wang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tieniu Tan (NLPR, CASIA, china)
Spatial Graph for Image Classification
Zifeng Wu (NLPR), YongZhen Huang (NLPR), Liang Wang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tieniu Tan (NLPR, CASIA, china)
Knowledge Leverage from Contours to Bounding Boxes: A Concise Approach to Annotation
Jie-Zhi Cheng, Feng-Ju Chang (Academia Sinica), Kuang-Jui Hsu (Academia Sinica), Yen-Yu Lin (Academia Sinica)
Efficient Pixel-Grouping based on Dempster's Theory of Evidence for Image Segmentation
Björn Scheuermann (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Markus Schlosser (Technicolor), Bodo Rosenhahn
Video Segmentation with Superpixels
Fabio Galasso (MPI Informatics), Bernt Schiele (MPI Informatics)
A Noise Tolerant Watershed Transformation with Viscous Force for Seeded Image Segmentation
Di Yang (The Australian National Univ), Stephen Gould (Australian National University), Marcus Hutter (The Australian National University)
Active Learning for Interactive Segmentation with Expected Confidence Change
Dan Wang (CAS), Canxiang Yan, Shiguang shan (ICT), xilin Chen
Cross Anisotropic Cost Volume Filtering for Segmentation
Vladislav Kramarev (Saarland University), Oliver Demetz (Saarland University), Christopher Schroers (Saarland University), Joachim Weickert (Saarland University)
Multi-layer Spectral Clustering for Video Segmentation
Xiaofei Di (ICT, CAS), Hong Chang, xilin Chen
Video Co-Segmentation
Jose Rubio (Computer Vision Center. UAB), Joan Serrat, Antonio López (Computer Vision Center, Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona)
Globally Minimal Path Method Using Dynamic Speed Functions Based on Progressive Wave Propagation
Wei Liao (University of Heidelberg, and DKFZ Heidelberg), Stefan Wörz, Karl Rohr
Vanishing Points Estimation and Line Classification in a Manhattan World
Lilian Zhang (Institute of Computer Science), Reinhard Koch
Online Learning for Fast Segmentation of Moving Objects (PDF)
Liam Ellis (Linkoping University), vasileios Zografos (Linkoping University)
A Linear Programming based Method for Joint Object Matching and Segmentation
Junyan Wang (Nanyang Technological Universi), Li Wang (Nanyang Technological University, ADM), Kap Luk Chan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Martin Constable (Nanyang Technological University)
Using Models of Objects with Deformable Parts for Joint Categorization and Segmentation of Objects
Nikhil Naikal, Dheeraj Singaraju (UC Berkeley), Shankar Sastry (University of California, Berkeley)
A Robust Stereo Prior for Human Segmentation
Glenn Sheasby (Oxford Brookes University), Julien Valentin (Oxford Brookes University), Nigel Crook (Oxford Brookes University), Philip Torr (Oxford Brookes University)
Voronoi-based Extraction of a Feature Skeleton from Noisy Triangulated Surfaces
Tilman Wekel (TU-Berlin), Olaf Hellwich (TU-Berlin)
Maximal Cliques based Rigid Body Motion Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
Kukulage Perera (Australian National University), Nick Barnes
Online Web-Data-Driven Segmentation of Selected Moving Objects in Videos
Xiang Xiang (Computer Science, JHU)
Multi-Level Structured Image Coding on High-Dimensional Image Representation
Jia Li (Yahoo! Research)
Incremental Slow Feature Analysis with Indefinite Kernel for Online Temporal Video Segmentation
Stephan Liwicki (Imperial College London), Stefanos Zafeiriou (Imperial College London), Maja Pantic (Imperial College London)
Texture classification based on BIMF monogenic signals
JianJia Pan (Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University), YuanYan Tang (University of Macao )
Gabor-Based Novel Local, Texture, Shape and Color Descriptors for Image Classification
Atreyee Sinha (New Jersey Inst. of Technology), Sugata Banerji (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Chengjun Liu (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Toward Perception-based Shape Decomposition
Tingting Jiang (Peking University), Zhongqian Dong, Chang Ma, Yizhou Wang (Peking University, China)
Co-Regularized PLSA for Multi-View Clustering
Yu Jiang (CASIA), Liu Jing, Zechao Li, Peng Li (CASIA), Hanqing Lu (Institure of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Image/Video Retrieval and Medical Image Analysis

Automatic Grading of Cortical and PSC Cataracts using Retroillumination Lens Images
Xinting Gao* (Institute for Infocomm Researc), Damon (Wing kee Wong, ), Tian-Tsong Ng (Institute for Infocomm Research,?ASTAR, Singapore), Carol Cheung, Ching-Yu Cheng, Tien Yin Wong
Registration of Pre-operative CT and non-contrast-enhanced C-arm CT: An application to Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
Yongning Lu (National University of Singapo), Ying Sun (National University of Singapore), Rui Liao (Siemens Corporate Research and Technology), Sim Heng Ong (NUS, Singapore )
Automatic Webcam-based Human Heart Rate Measurements Using Laplacian Eigenmap
Lan Wei (National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology, Peking University), Yonghong Tian (National Engineering Lab for Video Technology, Peking University), Yaowei Wang (Department of Electronic Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology), Touradj Ebrahimi (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Tiejun Huang (National Engineering Lab for Video Technology, Peking University )
Superpixel Classification based Optic Disc Segmentation
Jun Cheng (Institute for Infocomm Researc), Jiang Liu, Yanwu Xu, Fengshou Yin, Damon (Wing kee Wong, ), Ngan-Meng Tan, Ching-Yu Cheng, Yih Chung Tham, Tien Yin Wong
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Segmentation from Knee MR Images Using Graph Cuts with Geometric and Probabilistic Shape Constraints
Hansang Lee (KAIST), Helen Hong (Seoul Women's University), Junmo Kim (KAIST )
Robust Mid-Sagittal Plane Extraction in 3-D Ultrasound Fetal Volume for First Trimester Screening
Kwanghee Lee (Sogang university), Sang Wook Lee (Sogang University, Korea)
Automatic skin lesion segmentation based on texture analysis and supervised learning
He Yingding (Beihang University), Xie Fengying (Beihang University)
Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Vision–based Classification of Cells
Pierre BUYSSENS (Université de Caen), Abderrahim Elmoataz, Olivier Lézoray
Semantic-Context-Based Augmented Descriptor For Image Feature Matching
Samir Khoualed (LASMEA - FRANCE), Thierry Chateau (Institut Pascal (ex. LASMEA)), Umberto Castellani
A Real-Time Synthesis and Occlusion Removal of Intermediate Views with Stereo Matching
Seongyun Cho (Postech), JeongMok HA (POSTECH), Hong Jeong (POSTECH)
PEDIVHANDI: Multimodal indexation and retrieval system for lecture videos
Nhu Van NGUYEN (Appt 310, Le Ponant 3), Jean-Marc OGIER (University of La Rochelle )
Digitization of Deformed Documents using a High-speed Multi-camera Array
Yoshihiro Watanabe (University of Tokyo), Kotaro Itoyama, Masahiro Yamada (University of Tokyo), Masatoshi Ishikawa (Japan)
A Phase-based Approach for Caption Detection in Videos
Shu Wen (Xi'an Jiaotong University )
Efficient Clothing Retrieval with Semantic-Preserving Visual Phrases
Jianlong Fu (CASIA), Jin-qiao Wang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Scieces), Zechao Li, Hanqing Lu (Institure of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Towards On-the-fly Large-Scale Object Category Retrieval
Ken Chatfield (University of Oxford), Andrew Zisserman (University of Oxford)
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tags: Automatic Web Based Image Tag Expansion
Andrew Gilbert (University of Surrey), Richard Bowden
Image Retrieval using Eigen Queries
Nisarg Raval (IIIT Hyderabad), Rashmi Vilas Tonge (IIIT Hyderabad), Jawahar C V (IIIT, Hyderabad )
Fast and effective retrieval of plant leaf shapes
Bin Wang (Griffith University), Yongsheng Gao (Griffith University, Austrilia )
Complete Generic Camera Calibration and Modeling Using Spline Surfaces
Dennis Rosebrock (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institut für Robotik und Prozessinformatik), Friedrich Wahl (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institut für Robotik und Prozessinformatik )
q-Gaussian Mixture Models Based on Non-Extensive Statistics for Image And Video Semantic Indexing
Nakamasa Inoue (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Koichi Shinoda (Tokyo Institute of Technology )

Face/Gesture Analysis and Recognition

Modeling and Detection of Wrinkles in Aging Human Faces using Marked Point Processes
William Frick (University of Maryland College )
Recognizing Faces With Plastic Surgery: A Comprehensive Study
Xin Liu (Chinese Academy of Science), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences )
Enhancing Expression Recognition in the Wild with Unlabeled Reference Data
Mengyi Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shaoxin Li (Chinese Academy of Science), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Benchmarking Still-to-Video Face Recognition via Partial and Local Discriminant Analysis on COX-S2V Dataset
Zhiwu Huang (ICT, CAS), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Haihong Zhang, Shihong Lao, xilin Chen
Fusing Magnitude and Phase Features for Robust Face Recognition
Yan Li (ICT, CAS), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Haihong Zhang, Shihong Lao, Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences )
Finding Happiest Moments in a Social Context (PDF, supplementary material)
Abhinav Dhall (Australian National University), Jyoti Joshi (University of Canberra), Ibrahim Radwan (University of Canberra), Roland Goecke (University of Canberra)
Sparsity sharing embedding for face verification
Donghoon Lee (KAIST), Hyunsin Park (KAIST), Junyoung Chung (KAIST), Youngook Song (KAIST), cHANG YOO (KAIST )
Semantic Pixel Sets based Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
Zhenhua Chai (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Heydi Mendez-Vazquez, Ran He, Zhenan Sun (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CASIA) ), Tieniu Tan (NLPR, CASIA, china)
An Adaptation Framework for Head Pose Estimation in Dynamic Multi-view Scenarios
Anoop Rajagopal (Indian Institute of Science), Ramanathan Subramanian (University of Trento), Radu Vieriu (“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Iasi, Romania), Elisa Ricci (University of Perugia, Italy), Oswald Lanz (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Nicu Sebe (University of Trento, Italy), Kalpathi Ramakrishnan (Indian Institute of Science )
Face Parts Localization Using Structured-Output Regression Forests (PDF) - formely: Face Parts Localization Using Structured-output Regression Forests
Heng Yang (Queen Mary Univ. of London), Ioannis Patras (Queen Mary, University of London)
Human Face Super-Resolution Based on NSCT
Jing Liu (Tsinghua university )
Digital Paparazzi:\\ Spotting Celebrities in Professional Photo Libraries
Sina Jafarpour (Yahoo! Research), Jia Li (Yahoo! Research), Reolof van Zwol (Netflix)
Nighttime Face Recognition at Long Distance: Cross-distance and Cross-spectral Matching
Hyunju Maeng (Korea University), Shengcai Liao, Dong-oh Kang, Seong-Whan Lee, Anil K. Jain
Hand Posture Recognition from Disparity Cost Map
Wang Hanjie (ICTCAS), wang qi (ICTCAS), xilin Chen
Qualitative Pose Estimation by Discriminative Deformable Part Models (PDF)
Hyungtae Lee (University of Maryland), Vlad Morariu, Larry Davis
Learning Discriminant Face Descriptor for Face Recognition
Zhen Lei (CBSR), Stan Li
Optimal Operator Space Pursuit: A Framework for Video Sequence Data Analysis
Xiao Bian (North Carolina State Univ)
Cross-view Graph Embedding
Zhiwu Huang (ICT, CAS), Shiguang Shan (CAS, China), Haihong Zhang, Shihong Lao, xilin Chen
Fast Training of Effective Multi-class Boosting Using Coordinate Descent Optimization
Guosheng Lin (The University of Adelaide), Chunhua Shen (University of Adelaide, Australia), David Suter (The University of Adelaide), anton van den Hengel (The University of Adelaide )
Hierarchical Space Tiling in Scene Modeling
Shuo Wang (Peking University), Yizhou Wang (Peking University, China), Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA )

Motion, Tracking and Computational Photography

Dynamic Objectness for Adaptive Tracking (PDF, videos)
Severin Stalder (ETH Zurich), Helmut Grabner (ETH Zurich), Luc Van Gool (ETH Zurich)
Visual Tracking in Continuous Appearance Space via Sparse Coding
Guofeng Wang (Shandong University), Fan Zhong (Shandong University), Yue Liu (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS), Qunsheng Peng (Zhejiang University), Xueying Qin
Robust Object Tracking in Crowd Dynamic Scenes using Explicit Stereo Depth
Chi Li (Xiamen University), le lu (Siemens Corporate Research), Gregory Hager (Johns Hopkins University), Jianyu Tang (Xiamen University), Hanzi Wang (Xiamen University, China)
Structured Tracker with Dynamic Graph
Zhaowei Cai (CBSR.CASIA), Longyin Wen (CBSR.CASIA), Yang Jianwei (NLPR), Zhen Lei (CBSR), Stan Z. Li (CBSR.CASIA)
Online Multi-Target Tracking by Large Margin Structured Learning (PDF)
SunA Kim (POSTECH), Suha Kwak (POSTECH), Jan Feyereisl (POSTECH), Bohyung Han (POSTECH, Korea)
An Anchor Patch Based Optimization Framework For Reducing Optical Flow Drift in Long Image Sequences (PDF)
Wenbin Li (University of Bath), Darren Cosker (University of Bath), Matthew Brown (University of Bath)
One-Class Multiple Instance Learning and Applications to Target Tracking
Karthik Sankaranarayanan (IBM), Jim Davis (Ohio State University)
Dense Scene Flow Based on Depth and Multi-Channel Bilateral Filter
Xiao wei Zhang (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
Object Tracking Within the Framework of
Li Chen (SJTU), yue zhou (sjtu)
Multiple Target Tracking Using Frame-Triplets (PDF)
Asad Butt (Penn State), Robert Collins (Penn State)
Spatio-temporal clustering model for multi-object tracking through occlusions
Lei Zhang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Qing Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Robust Object Tracking Using Constellation Model with Superpixel
Weijun Wang (USC), Ram Nevatia (USC)
Robust registration-based tracking by sparse representation with model update
Peihua Li (Heilongjiang University), Qilong Wang
Robust and Efficient Pose Estimation from Line Correspondences
Lilian Zhang (Institute of Computer Science), Chi Xu, Kok-Meng Lee, Reinhard Koch
Nonlocal Spectral Prior Model for Low-level Vision
Shenlong Wang (Northwestern Polytechnic Univ.), Lei Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China), Yan Liang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Simultanious Multiple Rotation Averaging using Lagrangian Duality
Carl Olsson (Lund University), Johan Fredriksson (Lund University)
Observation-Driven Adaptive Differential Evolution for Robust Bronchoscope 3-D Motion Tracking
Xiongbiao Luo (Nagoya University), Kensaku Mori, Takayuki Kitasaka
Tracking Growing Axons by Particle Filtering in 3D+t Fluorescent Two-Photon Microscopy Images
Huei-Fang Yang (INRIA, France), Xavier Descombes, Charles Kervrann (INRIA, France), Caroline Medioni, Florence Besse
Image upscaling using multiple dictionaries of natural image patches
Pulak Purkait (Indian Statistical Institute), Bhabatosh Chanda (Indian Statistical Institute)
A Biologically Motivated Double-Opponency Approach to Illumination Invariance
Sivalogeswaran Ratnasingam (NICTA), Antonio Robles-Kelly (NICTA)
Measuring Linearity of Closed Curves and Connected Compound Curves
Paul Rosin (Cardiff University), Jovanka Pantovic (University of Novi Sad), Jovisa Zunic (Exeter University)
Patch Mosaic for Fast Motion Deblurring
Hyeoungho Bae (University of California, Irvi), Charless Fowlkes (UC Irvine), Pai Chou (Univ of California Irvine)
Single-image blind deblurring for non-uniform camera-shake blur
Yuquan Xu (IACAS), Lu Wang, Xiyuan Hu, Silong Peng
Image Super-Resolution Using Local Learnable Kernel Regression
Renjie Liao (Beihang University), Zengchang Qin (Beihang University)
Nonlocal Low Rank Modeling for Interpolation
Kaiden Matthew (University of California, Los )
MRF-based Blind Image Deconvolution
Nikos Komodakis (U. Crete, Greece), Nikos Paragios (Ecole Centrale de Paris)
Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns
Juha Ylioinas (University of Oulu), Abdenour Hadid (University of Oulu), Yimo Guo (University of Oulu), Matti Pietikäinen (University of Oulu)
Navigation toward Non-static Target Object using Footprint Detection based Tracking
Meng Yi (Temple University), yinfei Yang (University of Pennsylvania), Wenjing Qi (Temple University), Yu Zhou (Huazhong University of Science and Technology ), yunfeng Li (Purdue University), Zygmunt Pizlo (Purdue University), Longin Jan Latecki (Temple)
Single Image Super Resolution Reconstruction in Perturbed Exemplar Sub-Space
Takashi Shibata (NEC), Akihiko Iketani (NEC), Shuji Senda (NEC)
Image Super-Resolution: Use of Self-learning and Gabor Prior
Nilay Khatri (DA-IICT), Manjunath Joshi (DAIICT, Gandhinagar)

Video Analysis and Action Recognition

Fast Iterative Semi-Global Matching for Robust Driver Assistance Systems
Simon Hermann (The University of Auckland), Reinhard Klette (The University of Auckland)
Action Recognition using Canonical Correlation Kernels
Nagendar G (IIIT Hyderabad), Sai Ganesh B, Mahesh Goud Tandarpally, Jawahar C V (IIIT, Hyderabad)
A New Framework for Background Subtraction Using Multiple Cues
SeungJong Noh (GIST in S.Korea), Moongu Jeon (gist.ac.kr)
Weighted Interaction Force Estimation for Abnormal Detection in Crowd Scenes
Xiaobin Zhu (NLPR, CASIA, China), Liu Jing, Jin-qiao Wang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Scieces), Wei Fu, Hanqing Lu (Institure of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Egocentric Activity Monitoring and Recovery
Ardhendu Behera (University of Leeds), David Hogg (University of Leeds), Anthony Cohn (University of Leeds)
Spatiotemporal Salience via Centre-Surround Comparison of Visual Spacetime Orientations
Andrei Zaharescu (Aimetis), Richard Wildes (York U)
Temporal-Spatial Refinements for Video Concept Fusion
Jie Geng (Beijing Jiaotong University), Zhenjiang Miao (Beijing Jiaotong University)
Features with Feeling---Incorporating User Preferences in Video Categorization
Ramya Srinivasan (UC, Riverside), Amit Roy Chowdhury
A Comparative Study of Encoding, Pooling and Normalization Methods for Action Recognition
Xingxing Wang (Siat), LiMin Wang (CUHK), Yu Qiao
Dynamic saliency models and human attention: a comparative study on videos
Nicolas Riche, Matei Mancas (University of Mons (UMONS)), Dubravko Culibrk, Vladimir Crnojevic, Beranrd Gosselin, Thierry Dutoit
Horror Video Scene Recognition based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning
Xinmiao Ding (China University of Mining and), Bing Li, Weihua Xiong, Weiming Hu (NLPR, Casia, P.R.C), Zhenchong Wang
Learning Object Appearance from Occlusions using Structure and Motion Recovery
Kai Cordes (Universität Hannover)
Exploring the similarities of neighboring spatiotemporal points for action pair matching
IRENE KOTSIA (Queen Mary University of Londo), Ioannis Patras (Queen Mary, University of London)
Sequential Reconstruction Segment-Wise Feature Track and Structure Updating Based on Parallax Paths
Mauricio Hess-Flores (UC Davis), Mark Duchaineau (Google), Kenneth Joy (UC Davis)
Generic Active Appearance Models Revisited
Stefanos Zafeiriou (Imperial College London), Georgios Tzimiropoulos (Imperial College London), Maja Pantic (Imperial College London), Joan Medina (Imperial College London)
Tracking Pedestrian with Multi-Component Online Deformable Part-Based Model
Yi Xie (Beijing Institute of Technolog), Mingtao Pei (bit.edu.cn), Zhao Liu (cppsu.edu.cn), Tianfu Wu (bupt.edu.cn)
Local Distance Comparison for Multiple-shot People Re-Identification
Guanwen Zhang (Nagoya University), Yu Wang, Jien Kato (Nagoya University), Takafumi Marutani (Nagoya University), Kenji Mase (Nagoya University)
Non-Sequential Multi-View Detection, Localization and Identification of People using Multi-Modal Feature Maps
Rok Mandeljc (University of Ljubljana), Stanislav Kovacic (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Matej Kristan (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Janez Pers (University of Ljubljana)
Full 6DOF Pose Estimation from Geo-Located Images
Clemens Arth (Graz University of Technology), Gerhard Reitmayr (Graz University of Technology), Dieter Schmalstieg (Graz University of Technology)
Learning a Quality-Based Ranking for Feature Point Trajectories
Liangjing Ding (Florida State University), Adrian Barbu, Anke Meyer-Baese

Shape from X and Photometry

Toward Efficient Acquisition of BRDFs with Fewer Samples
Muhammad Asad Ali (University of Tokyo), Imari Sato (NII, Japan), Takahiro Okabe (University of Tokyo), Yoichi Sato (University of Tokyo)
Shadow-free TILT for Facade Rectification
Lumei Li (China University of Geoscience), hongping Yan, Lingfeng Wang (NLPR), Pan Chunhong
Reconstructing Shape from Dictionaries of Shading Primitives
Alexandros Panagopoulos (Stony Brook University), Sunil Hadap, Dimitris Samaras
Iterative Feedback Estimation of Depth and Radiance from Defocused Images
Xing Lin (Tsinghua), Jinli Suo (Tsinghua University, China), Xun Cao, Qionghai Dai (Tsinghua University)
Two-Image Perspective Photometric Stereo using Shape-from-Shading
Roberto Mecca (Technion), Ariel Tankus (Technion), Alfred Bruckstein (Technion)
Stable two view reconstruction using the six-point algorithm
Kazuki Nozawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Akihiko Torii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Masatoshi Okutomi
Unknown Radial Distortion Centers in Multiple View Geometry Problems
José Henrique Brito (IPCA), Roland Angst (ETH Zurich), Kevin Koeser (ETH Zurich), Christopher Zach (ETH Zurich), Pedro Branco (Universidade do Minho), Manuel João Ferreira, Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich)
Depth-Estimation-Free Condition for Projective Factorization and Its Application to 3D Reconstruction
Yohei Murakami, Takeshi Endo, Yoshimichi Ito (Osaka University), Noboru Babaguchi
Epipolar Geometry Estimation for Urban Scenes with Repetitive Structures
Maria Kushnir (Haifa University), Ilan Shimshoni
Non-Rigid Self-Calibration Of A Projective Camera
Hanno Ackermann (Leibniz University Hannover), Bodo Rosenhahn
Piecewise Planar Scene Reconstruction and Optimization for Multi-View Stereo
Hyojin Kim (UC Davis), Nelson Max, Hong Xiao
A Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty-Based Depth Map Super Resolution
Jing Li (Peking University), Gang Zeng (Peking University)
Cross Image Inference Scheme for Stereo Matching
Xiao Tan (CSIRO), Changming Sun, Xavier Sirault (CSIRO), Robert Furbank (CSIRO), Tuan Pham
Bayesian Epipolar Geometry Estimation from Tomographic Projections
Sami Brandt (University of Copenhagen), Katrine Hommelhoff Jensen (University of Copenhagen), Francois Lauze
On the Global Self-calibration of Central Cameras using Two Infinitesimal Rotations
Ferran Espuny (Université Paris-Descartes)
Adaptive Structure from Motion with a contrario model estimation (poster, PDF, code) - formely: Adaptive Structure from Motion with a contrario model estimations
Pierre Moulon (LIGM/Mikros Image), Pascal Monasse, Renaud Marlet
Precious 3D reconstruction from a single image
Changqing Zou (SIAT, China), jianzhuang Liu
An Efficient Image Matching Method for Multi-View Stereo
Shuji Sakai (Tohoku University), Koichi Ito (Tohoku University), Takafumi Aoki (Tohoku University), Tomohito Masuda (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.), Hiroki Unten (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.)
Self-calibration of PTZ camera using new LMI constraints
François Rameau (Le2i), Adlane Habed (Le2i), Cédric Demonceaux (Le2i), Désiré Sidibé (Le2i), David Fofi (Le2i)
Fast 3D surface reconstruction from point clouds using graph-based fronts propagation
EL Chakik Abdallah (GREYC, IMAGE TEAM), Xavier Desquesnes (GREYC), Abderrahim Elmoataz (GREYC - image team)

Low-level Vision and Applications of Computer Vision

Motion-Invariant Coding Using a Programmable Aperture Camera
Toshiki Sonoda (Kyushu University), Hajime Nagahara (Kyushu University), Rin-ichiro Taniguchi (Kyushu University)
Color-aware Regularization for Gradient Domain Image Manipulation
Fanbo Deng (National Univ. of Singapore), Seon Joo Kim (SUNY Korea), Yu-Wing Tai (KAIST), Michael Brown (NUS, Singapore)
Local Covariance Filtering for Color Images (PDF, code)
Keiichiro Shirai (Shinshu Univ.), Masahiro Okuda (Univ. of Kitakyushu), Takao Jinno (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.), Masaaki Ikehara (Keio Univ.), Masayuki Okamoto (Shinshu Univ.)
A New Projection Space for Separation of Specular and Diffuse Re?ection Components in Color Images
Yang Jianwei (NLPR), Zhaowei Cai (CBSR.CASIA), Longyin Wen (CBSR.CASIA), Zhen Lei (CBSR), Guodong Guo, Stan Z. Li (CBSR.CASIA)
Hand Vein Recognition based on Oriented Gradient Maps and Local Feature Matching
Di Huang (Beihang University), Yinhang Tang (Beihang University), Yiding Wang (North China University of Technology), Liming Chen (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Yunhong Wang
Fusing Warping, Cropping, and Scaling for Optimal Image Thumbnail Generation
Zhan Qu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jin-qiao Wang (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Scieces), Min Xu (iNEXT, School of Computing and Communications, University of Technology, Sydney), Hanqing Lu (Institure of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Shift-Map Based Stereo Image Retargeting with Disparity Adjustment
Shaoyu Qi (University of Florida), Jeffrey Ho (University of Florida)
Object Templates for Visual Place Categorization
Hao Yang (NTU), Jianxin Wu (NTU, Singapore)
Visual Business Recognition - A Multimodal Approach
Amir Roshan zamir (UCF), afshin dehghan (UCF)
Reconstructing Sequential Patterns without Knowing Image Correspondences
Saba Miyan (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Jun Sato (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Registration of Multi-View Images of Planar Surfaces
Jiri Filip (UTIA AS CR), Radomir Vavra (UTIA AS CR)
Automatic Stave Discovery for Musical Facsimiles (PDF, supplementary material)
Radu Timofte (K.U. Leuven), Luc Van Gool (K.U. Leuven and ETH Zurich)
Unsupervised Language Learning for Discovered Visual Concepts
Parameterized Variety Based View Synthesis Scheme for Multi-View 3DTV
Mansi Sharma (IIT Delhi), Santanu Chaudhury (Indian Institute of Delhi), Brejesh Lall (IIT DELHI)
Quasi-Regular Facade Structure Extraction
Tian HAN (HKUST), CHUN LIU (HKUST), peng ZHAO (HKUST), chiew-Lan TAI (HKUST), Long Quan (HKUST)
Multi-view Synthesis Based on Single View Reference Layer
Yang-Ho Cho (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.), Ho-Young Lee, Du-Sik Park
Hand-Eye Calibration without Hand Orientation Measurement Using Minimal Solution
Zuzana Kukelova (CTU in Prague), Jan Heller (CTU in Prague), Tomas Pajdla (CTU in Prague)
Detecting changes in images of street scenes
Jana Kosecka (George Mason University)
Adaptive Background Defogging with Foreground Decremental Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
Jacky Shun-Cho Yuk (The University of Hong Kong), Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong (HKU, Hong Kong)
A Shadow Repair Approach for Kinecr Depth Maps
Yu Yu (Xi'an Jiaotong Universtity)
A Unified Framework for Line Extraction in Dioptric and Catadioptric Cameras
Jesus Bermudez-Cameo (Universidad de Zaragoza), Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas (Universidad de Zaragoza), Josechu Guerrero
Fusion of time-of-flight and stereo for unambiguous wide range depth measurements
Ouk Choi (SAIT), Seungkyu Lee