Session 1: Recognition

A Graph-matching Kernel for Object Categorization (PDF)
Olivier Duchenne, Armand Joulin, Jean Ponce
Domain Adaptation for Object Recognition: An Unsupervised Approach (PDF)
Raghuraman Gopalan, Ruonan Li, Rama Chellappa
Structured Class-Labels in Random Forests for Semantic Image Labelling (PDF) - formely: Structured Class-Labels in Random Forests for Image Labelling
Peter Kontschieder, Samuel Rota Bulò, Horst Bischof, Marcello Pelillo

Session 2: Statistical Methods and Learning

Perturb-and-MAP Random Fields: Using Discrete Optimization\\to Learn and Sample from Energy Models (PDF, supplementary material)
George Papandreou, Alan L. Yuille
Discriminative Learning of Relaxed Hierarchy for Large-scale Visual Recognition (PDF, supplementary material, code)
Tianshi Gao, Daphne Koller
Decision Tree Fields (PDF, supplementary material)
Sebastian Nowozin, Carsten Rother, Shai Bagon, Bangpeng Yao, Toby Sharp, Pushmeet Kohli

Session 3: Detection and Categorization

Strong Supervision From Weak Annotation: Interactive Training of Deformable Part Models (PDF, supplementary material)
Steven Branson, Pietro Perona, Serge Belongie
Birdlets: Subordinate Categorization Using Volumetric Primitives and Pose-Normalized Appearance (PDF, project)
Ryan Farrell, Om Oza, Ning Zhang, Vlad I. Morariu, Trevor Darrell, Larry S. Davis
From Contours to 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation (PDF)
Nadia Payet, Sinisa Todorovic

Poster Session: Recognition (29 spotlights)

Pushing the limits of digital imaging using Structured Illumination (PDF, project, supplementary material)
Prasanna Rangarajan, Indranil Sinharoy, Panos Papamichalis, Marc P. Christensen
Active Clustering of Document Fragments using Information Derived from both Images and Catalogs
Lior Wolf, lior Litwak (Tel-Aviv University), Nachum Dershowitz (Tel-Aviv University), Roni Shweka (FGP), Yaacov Choueka (FGP)
Non-stationary Correction of Optical Aberrations (PDF, project,results)
Christian Schuler (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Michael Hirsch (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Stefan Harmeling (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI for Intelligent Systems)
Contour Code: Robust and Efficient Multispectral Palmprint Encoding for Human Recognition (PDF)
Zohaib Khan (UWA), Ajmal Mian (UWA), Yiqun Hu (UWA)
Linear stereo matching (PDF, project, supplementary material)
Leonardo De-Maeztu, Stefano Mattoccia, Arantxa Villanueva, Rafael Cabeza
Variational Stereo in Dynamic Illumination
Yohay Swirski (Technion), Yoav Schechner (Tehnion), Tal Nir (Technion)
Learning Nonlinear Distance Functions using Neural Network for Regression with Application to Robust Human Age Estimation (PDF)
Fan Na (East China Normal University)
Revisiting Radiometric Calibration for Color Computer Vision (PDF, project)
Hai Ting Lin, Seon Joo Kim, Sabine Susstrunk, Michael S. Brown
The Medial Feature Detector: Stable Regions from Image Boundaries (PDF) - formely: Capturing boundary structure for feature detection
Yannis Avrithis (NTUA), Konstantinos Rapantzikos (NTUA)
A Theory of Coprime Blurred Pairs (PDF)
Feng Li, Zijia Li, David Saunders, Jingyi Yu
Learning to Predict the Perceived Visual Quality of Photos
Ou Wu, NLPR (Institute of Automation), Weiming Hu (Institute of Automation), Jun Gao
Source Constrained Clustering
Ekaterina Taralova (Carnegie Mellon University), Fernando DelaTorre, Martial Hebert
Sparse Dictionary-based Representation and Recognition of Action Attributes (PDF, code)
Qiang Qiu (U. of Maryland College Park), Zhuolin Jiang (University of Maryland), Rama Chellappa (UMD)
HMDB: A Large Video Database for Human Motion Recognition
Hildegard Kuehne (KIT), Hueihan Jhuang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Estibaliz Garrote, Tomaso Poggio, Thomas Serre (Brown University)
Inferring Social Relations from Visual Concepts
Lei Ding (Columbia University), Alper Yilmaz
A FACS Valid 3D Dynamic Action Unit Database with Applications to 3D Dynamic Morphable Facial Modeling
Darren Cosker (University of Bath), Eva Krumhuber, Adrian Hilton
Maximizing All Margins: Pushing Face Recognition with Kernel Plurality
Ritwik Kumar (IBM Research), Arunava Banerjee, CISE, Univ (of Florida), Baba Vemuri, Hanspeter Pfister (Harvard University)
Exemplar Extraction using Spatio-Temporal Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering for Face Recognition in Video (PDF)
John See, Chikkannan Eswaran
Exploring Regularized Feature Selection for Person Specific Face Verification
Yixiong Liang (Central South Univ.), Shenghui Liao, Lei Wang, Beiji Zou
A Linear Subspace Learning Approach via Sparse Coding (PDF, code)
Lei Zhang, Pengfei Zhu, Qinghu Hu, David Zhang
Trajectory reconstruction from non-overlapping surveillance cameras with relative depth ordering constraints
Branislav Micusik
DTAM: Dense Tracking and Mapping in Real-Time (PDF, videos)
Richard A. Newcombe, Steven Lovegrove, Andrew J. Davison
Scale Space for Central Catadioptric Systems. Towards a generic camera feature extractor.
Luis Puig (Universidad de Zaragoza), Jose Guerrero (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Kernel Non-Rigid Structure from Motion (PDF)
Paulo F. U. Gotardo, Aleix M. Martinez
A Dimensionality Result for Multiple Homography Matrices
Wojciech Chojnacki (University of Adelaide), Anton vandenHengel
Text-based Image Retrieval using Progressive Multi-Instance Learning
Wen Li (NTU), Lixin Duan (NTU), Dong Xu, Ivor W. Tsang
Content-Based Photo Quality Assessment (PDF)
Wei Luo, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
HEAT: Iterative Relevance Feedback with One Million Images
Nicolae Suditu (Idiap Research Institute), Francois Fleuret (Idiap Research Institute)
Unsupervised Learning of a Scene-Specific Coarse Gaze Estimator
Ben Benfold (University of Oxford), Ian Reid

Poster Session: Statistical Methods and Learning (20 spotlights)

Learning to Cluster Using High Order Graphical Models with Latent Variables (PDF, supplementary material)
Nikos Komodakis
Diagonal preconditioning for first order primal-dual algorithms in convex optimization
Thomas Pock, Antonin Chambolle, CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS
Tracking Multiple People under Global Appearance Constraints (PDF)
Horesh Ben Shitrit, Jerome Berclaz, Francois Fleuret, Pascal Fua
Treat samples differently: Object tracking with semi-supervised online CovBoost
Guorong Li (CAS), Lei Qin, Qingming Huang (Graduate Univ of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Junbiao Pang, Shuqiang Jiang
Kinecting the dots: Particle Based Scene Flow from depth sensors (PDF)
Simon Hadfield (University of Surrey), Richard Bowden
Graph mode-based contextual kernels for robust SVM tracking
Xi Li (University of Adelaide), Anthony Dick (The University of Adelaide), Hanzi Wang, Chunhua Shen (University of Adelaide), Anton vandenHengel
Outdoor Human Motion Capture using Inverse Kinematics and von Mises-Fisher Sampling PDF(project)
Gerard Pons-Moll, Andreas Baak, Juergen Gall, Laura Leal-Taixe, Meinard Mueller, Hans-Peter Seidel, Bodo Rosenhahn
Blurred Target Tracking by Blur-driven Tracker (PDF)
Yi Wu, Haibin Ling, Jingyi Yu, Feng Li, Xue Mei, Erkang Cheng
Informative Feature Selection for Object Recognition via Sparse PCA (PDF)
Nikhil Naikal, Allen Y. Yang, S. Shankar Sastry
Action Recognition using Rank-1 Approximation of Joint Self-Similarity Volume (PDF)
Chuan Sun (UCF), Imran Junejo, Hassan Foroosh (UCF)
The Truth about Cats and Dogs (PDF)
Omkar M Parkhi, Andrea Vedaldi, C. V. Jawahar, Andrew Zisserman
The NBNN kernel (PDF)
Tinne Tuytelaars (K.U.Leuven), Mario Fritz (MPI), Kate Saenko, Trevor Darrell (UC Berkeley)
A New Distance for Scale-Invariant 3D Shape Recognition and Registration (PDF, project,dataset)
Minh-Tri Pham, Oliver J. Woodford, Frank Perbet, Atsuto Maki, Björn Stenger, Roberto Cipolla
Salient Object Detection using Concavity Context
Yao Lu (Fudan University), Wei Zhang (Fudan University), Hong Lu (Fudan University), Xiangyang Xue (Fudan University)
Spatial Pyramid Co-occurrence for Image Classification (PDF)
Yi Yang, Shawn Newsam
Actively Selecting Annotations Among Objects and Attributes (PDF)
Adriana Kovashka, Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan, Kristen Grauman
Scene Recognition and Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Deformable Part-Based Models (PDF)
Megha Pandey, Svetlana Lazebnik
Multi-label Visual Classification with Label Exclusive Context
Xiangyu Chen (NUS), Xiao-Tong Yuan (National University of Singapo), Qiang Chen (National University of Singapore), Shuicheng Yan, Chua Tat-Seng (National University of Singapore)
CARD: Compact And Real-time Descriptors (PDF, project,code)
Mitsuru Ambai (Denso IT Laboratory Inc), Yuichi Yoshida (Denso IT Laboratory Inc)
BiCoS: A Bi-level Co-Segmentation Method for Image Classification (PDF)
Yuning Chai (ETHZ), Victor Lempitsky, Andrew Zisserman

Poster Session: Detection and Categorization (20 spotlights)

Convex Multi-Region Probabilistic Segmentation with Shape Prior in the Isometric Logratio Transformation Space (PDF)
Shawn Andrews (Simon Fraser University), Chris McIntosh (Simon Fraser University), Ghassan Hamarneh (Simon Fraser University)
A General Preconditioning Scheme for Difference Measures in Deformable Registration with an Application to Multi-modal Demons Registration
Darko Zikic, Maximilian Baust ("), CAMP (TU Munich"), , Ali Kamen, Nassir Navab (TU Munich)
A 3D Laplacian-Driven Parametric Deformable Model (PDF)
Tian Shen, Xiaolei Huang, Hongsheng Li, Edward Kim, Shaoting Zhang, Junzhou Huang
Object Segmentation in Video: A Hierarchical Variational Approach for Turning Point Trajectories into Dense Regions (PDF)
Peter Ochs, Thomas Brox
Spatio-Temporal Clustering of Probabilistic Region Trajectories
Fabio Galasso (University of Cambridge), Masahiro Iwasaki (Panasonic corp.), Kunio Nobori (Panasonic), Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge)
Generalized Background Subtraction Based on Hybrid Inference by Belief Propagation and Bayesian Filtering (PDF)
Suha Kwak (POSTECH), Taegyu Lim (POSTECH), Woonhyun Nam (POSTECH), Bohyung Han (POSTECH), Joon H. Han (POSTECH)
Video from a Single Exposure Coded Photograph using a Learned Over-Complete Dictionary
Yasunobu Hitomi (Sony Corporation), Jinwei Gu (Rochester Institute of Technology), Mohit Gupta (Columbia University), Tomoo Mitsunaga (Sony Corporation), Shree Nayar (Columbia University)
Unwrapping Low-rank Textures on Generalized Cylindrical Surfaces (PDF)
Zhengdong Zhang, Xiao Liang, Yi Ma
Unstructured Light Scanning: Overcoming the Curse of Interre?ections
Vincent Couture (Université de Montréal), Nicolas Martin (Université de Montréal), Sebastien Roy
On the repeatability of the local reference frame for partial shape matching (PDF, supplementary material, project)
Alioscia Petrelli, Luigi Di Stefano
Geometrically Consistent Stereo Seam Carving (PDF) - formely: Geometric Consistent Stereo Seam Carving
Tali Basha, Shai Avidan, Yael Moses
Correspondence Free Registration through a Point-to-Model Distance Minimization
Mohammad Rouhani (Computer Vision Center), Angel Sappa (Computer Vision Center)
Multi-class Semi-supervised SVMs with Positiveness Exclusive Regularization
Xiaobai Liu (,, Xiao-Tong Yuan (National University of Singapo), Shuicheng Yan, Hai Jin (
Centralized Sparse Representation for Image Restoration (PDF, code)
Weisheng Dong, Lei Zhang, Guangming Shi
Positive Definite Dictionary Learning for Region Covariances
Ravishankar Sivalingam (University of Minnesota), Daniel Boley (University of Minnesota), Vassilios Morellas (University of Minnesota), Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
Learning Cross-modality Similarity for Multinomial Data (PDF)
Yangqing Jia (UC Berkeley), Mathieu Salzmann (TTI Chicago), Trevor Darrell (UC Berkeley)
Random Ensemble Metrics for Object Recognition
Tatsuo Kozakaya (Toshiba Corporation), Satoshi Ito (Toshiba Corporation), Susumu Kubota (Toshiba Corporation)
Diffusion Runs Low on Persistence Fast (PDF)
Chao Chen, Herbert Edelsbrunner
Illumination Demultiplexing from a Single Image (PDF)
Christine Chen (ETH Zürich), Daniel Vaquero (UC Santa Barbara), Matthew Turk, University of California, Santa Barbara
ORB: an efficient alternative to SIFT or SURF (PDF)
Ethan Rublee (Willow Garage), Vincent Rabaud (willowgarage), Kurt Konolige, Gary Bradski
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Osaka University

Session 1: Illumination and Reflectance

What An Image Reveals About Material Reflectance (PDF)
Manmohan Chandraker, Ravi Ramamoorthi
Multiplexed Illumination for Scene Recovery in the Presence of Global Illumination (PDF, project,videos,results, supplementary material)
Jinwei Gu, Toshihiro Kabayashi, Mohit Gupta, Shree K. Nayar

Session 2: Activity Recognition

Data-driven Crowd Analysis in Videos (PDF, project,abstract, videos)
Mikel Rodriguez, Josef Sivic, Ivan Laptev, Jean-Yves Audibert
A "String of Feature Graphs" Model for Recognition of Complex Activities in Natural Videos (PDF)
Utkarsh Gaur, Yingying Zhu, Bi Song, Amit Roy-Chowdhury
Learning Spatiotemporal Graphs of Human Activities (PDF)
William Brendel, Sinisa Todorovic
Human Action Recognition by Learning Bases of Action Attributes and Parts (PDF)
Bangpeng Yao, Xiaoye Jiang, Aditya Khosla, Andy Lai Lin, Leonidas J. Guibas, Li Fei-Fei

Session 3: Attributes and Classification

[BEST PAPER AWARD] Relative Attributes (PDF, project)
Devi Parikh, Kristen Grauman
Describing People: A Poselet-Based Approach to Attribute Classification (PDF, project) - formely: Describing People: A Part-Based Approach to Attribute Classification
Lubomir Bourdev, Subhransu Maji, Jitendra Malik
A Joint Learning Framework for Attribute Models and Object Descriptions
Dhruv Mahajan, Sundararajan Sellamanickam, Vinod Nair

Session 4: Segmentation and Grouping

Object Detection and Segmentation from Joint Embedding of Parts and Pixels (PDF)
Michael Maire, Stella X. Yu, Pietro Perona
Distributed Cosegmentation via Submodular Optimization on Anisotropic Diffusion (PDF, supplementary material, project,code)
Gunhee Kim (CMU), Eric P. Xing (CMU), Li Fei-Fei (Stanford), Takeo Kanade (CMU)
Discovering Favorite Views of Popular Places with Iconoid Shift (PDF)
Tobias Weyand, Bastian Leibe

Poster Session: Illumination and Reflectance (15 spotlights)

Active Scene Recognition with Vision and Language (PDF)
Xiaodong Yu, Teo Ching Lik, Yezhou Yang, Cornelia Fermuller , Yiannis Aloimonos
Handling Label Noise in Video Classification via Multiple Instance Learning
Thomas Leung, Yang Song (Google), John Zhang
Unsupervised Learning of Event AND-OR Grammar and Semantics from Video (PDF) - formely: Unsupervised Learning of Events and Scene Semantics from Video
Zhangzhang Si (UCLA), Mingtao Pei (UCLA), Benjamin Yao (UCLA), Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA)
Detailed Reconstruction of 3D Plant Root Shape (PDF)
Ying Zheng (Duke University), Steve Gu (Duke University), Herbert Edelsbrunner (IST Austria), Carlo Tomasi (Duke University), Philip Benfey (Duke University)
Dynamic Fluid Surface Acquisition Using a Camera Array (PDF)
Yuanyuan Ding, Feng Li (University of Delaware), Yu Ji (University of Delaware), Jingyi Yu
Spatiotemporal Oriented Energies for Spacetime Stereo (PDF)
Mikhail Sizintsev (York University), Richard Wildes (YorkUniversity)
Image Representation by Active Primitives
Wenze Hu (UCLA), Ying Nian Wu (UCLA), Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA)
Diffuse Reflectance Imaging
Samuel Hasinoff, Anat Levin (Weizmann Institute of Science), Philip Goode (Big Bear Solar Observatory), Bill Freeman
Video Primal Sketch: A Generic Middle-Level Representation of Video (PDF)
Zhi Han (UCLA), Zongben Xu, Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA)
Gradient-based learning of higher-order image features (PDF)
Roland Memisevic
Action Recognition in Cluttered Dynamic Scenes using Pose-Specific Part Models
Shandong Wu (University of Central Florida), Omar Oreifej, Mubarak Shah
A Chains Model for Localizing Group Activities in Videos (PDF, videos)
Mohamed R. Amer, Sinisa Todorovic
Parsing Video Events with Goal inference and Intent Prediction (PDF)
Mingtao Pei, School of Computer Science (Beijing Institute of Technology), Yunde Jia, Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA)
iGroup : Weakly supervised image and video grouping (PDF)
Andrew Gilbert (University of Surrey), Richard Bowden
A Selective Spatio-Temporal Interest Point Detector for Human Action Recognition in Complex Scenes
Bhaskar Chakraborty (Computer Vision Center), Michael Holte (Aalborg University), Thomas Moeslund (Aalborg University), Jordi Gonzàlez (CVC-UAB), Xavier Roca (Computer Vision Center)

Poster Session: Activity Recognition (20 spotlights)

Optimal Landmark Detection using Shape Models and Branch and Bound (PDF)
Brian Amberg, Thomas Vetter
Face Recognition Based on Non-Corresponding Region Matching
Annan Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen (Institute of Computing Technology (CAS), Wen Gao)
Pose, Illumination and Expression Invariant Pairwise Face-Similarity Measure via Doppelgänger List Comparison
Florian Schroff, Tali Treibitz, David Kriegman, Serge Belongie (UCSD)
Face Recognition via Local Sparse Coding
Ilias Theodorakopoulos (University of Patras), Ioannis Rigas (University of Patras), George Economou (University of Patras), Spiros Fotopoulos (University of Patras)
Double Window Optimisation for Constant Time Visual SLAM (PDF, videos)
Hauke Strasdat, Andrew J. Davison, J. M. M. Montiel, Kurt Konolige
Optimal Estimation of Vanishing Points in a Manhattan World (PDF)
Faraz Mirzaei (University of Minnesota), Stergios Roumeliotis (University of Minnesota)
A robust pipeline for rapid feature-based pre-alignment of dense range scans
Francesco Bonarrigo, Alberto Signoroni (University of Brescia), Riccardo Leonardi (University of Brescia)
Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Deblurring (PDF)
Hee Seok Lee (Seoul National Univ.), Junghyun Kwon, Kyoung Mu Lee
The Generalized Trace-Norm and its Application to Structure-from-Motion Problems
Roland Angst (ETH Zurich), Christopher Zach (ETH Zurich), Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich)
Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for Scenes under the Refractive Plane with Known Vertical Direction (PDF, project)
Yao-Jen Chang (Cornell University), Tsuhan Chen
Learning Component-Level Sparse Representation Using Histogram Information for Image Classification (PDF)
Chen-Kuo Chiang, Chih-Hsueh Duan, Shang-Hong Lai, Shih-Fu Chang
From Images to Scenes: Compressing an Image Cluster into a Single Scene Model for Place Recognition
Edward Johns (Imperial College London), Guang-Zhong Yang
Dyadic Transfer Learning for Cross-Domain Image Classification
Hua Wang (Univ. of Texas at Arlington), Feiping Nie (University of Texas at Arlington (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), Heng Huang (University of Texas Arlington), Chris Ding)
Contextual Weighting for Vocabulary Tree based Image Retrieval (PDF)
Xiaoyu Wang (University of Missouri), Ming Yang (NEC Laboratories America), Timothee Cour (NEC Laboratories America), Shenghuo Zhu (NEC Laboratories America), Kai Yu, TonyX. Han
Efficient Regression of General-Activity Human Poses from Depth Images
Ross Girshick, Jamie Shotton (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Pushmeet Kohli, Antonio Criminisi, Andrew Fitzgibbon
3D Scene Flow Estimation with a Rigid Motion Prior (PDF)
Christoph Vogel (ETH Zurich), Stefan Roth, Konrad Schindler
Superpixel Tracking (PDF, project,results,videos,dataset)
Shu Wang, Huchuan Lu, Fan Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
Basis constrained 3D scene flow on a dynamic proxy (PDF)
Neil Birkbeck (University of Alberta), Martin Jagersand (University of Alberta), Dana Cobzas (University of Alberta)
Similarity Invariant Classification of Events by KL Divergence Minimization (PDF)
Salman Khokhar (UCF), Mubarak Shah, Imran Saleemi (University of Central Florida)
Learning Occlusion with Likelihoods for Visual Tracking (PDF)
Suha Kwak, Woonhyun Nam, Bohyung Han, Joon H. Han

Poster Session: Attributes and Classification (20 spotlights)

Blurring-Invariant Riemannian Metrics for Comparing Signals and Images (PDF)
Zhengwu Zhang, Eric Klassen, Anuj Srivastava, Pavan Turaga, Rama Chellappa
Simultaneous Correspondence and Non-Rigid 3D Reconstruction of the Coronary Tree from Single X-ray Images (PDF)
Eduard Serradell (Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial (CSIC-UPC)), Adriana Romero, Computer Vision Center, Bellaterra (Spain), Rubem Leta (Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Spain), Carlo Gatta (University of Barcelona), Francesc Moreno)
Incremental On-line Semi-supervised Learning for Segmenting the Left Ventricle of the Heart from Ultrasound Data (PDF)
Gustavo Carneiro, Jacinto C. Nascimento
Multi-observation Visual Recognition via Joint Dynamic Sparse Representation
Haichao Zhang, UIUC (NWPU), Nasser Nasrabadi (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), Yanning Zhang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Thomas Huang (UIUC)
Articulated Part-based Model for Joint Object Detection and Pose Estimation (PDF, supplementary material)
Min Sun, Silvio Savarese
Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Multi Image Model (PDF)
Alexander Vezhnevets, Vittorio Ferrari, Joachim M. Buhmann
Segmentation as Selective Search for Object Recognition (PDF)
Koen Van de Sande (University of Amsterdam), Jasper Uijlings (University of Trento), Theo Gevers (University of Amsterdam), Arnold Smeulders
Extracting Foreground Masks towards Object Recognition (PDF)
Amir Rosenfeld, Daphna Weinshall
Ensemble of Exemplar-SVMs for Object Detection and Beyond (PDF, project,code,results,slides) - formely: Discriminative Exemplar-based Object Detection and Association
Tomasz Malisiewicz, Abhinav Gupta, Alexei A. Efros
Viewpoint-Aware Object Detection and Pose Estimation (PDF, project)
Daniel Glasner, Meirav Galun, Sharon Alpert, Ronen Basri, Gregory Shakhnarovich
Extracting Adaptive Contextual Cues from Unlabeled Regions (PDF, project) - formely: Exploiting Regions Void of Labels to Extract Adaptive Contextual Cues
Congcong Li, Devi Parikh, Tsuhan Chen
Efficient Learning of Sparse, Distributed, Convolutional Feature Representations for Object Recognition (PDF)
Kihyuk Sohn (University of Michigan), Dae Jung (University of Michigan), Honglak Lee, Alfred Hero
Silhouette-based Object Phenotype Recognition using 3D Shape Priors
Yu Chen (University of Cambridge), Tae-Kyun Kim (Imperial College London), Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge)
Video Parsing for Abnormality Detection
Borislav Antic (University of Heidelberg), Bjorn Ommer
Efficient parallel message computation for MAP inference
Stavros Alchatzidis (ECP), Aristeidis Sotiras (ECP), Nikos Paragios
Recursive MDL via Graph Cuts: Application to Segmentation (PDF)
Lena Gorelick, Andrew Delong, Olga Veksler, Yuri Boykov
Efficient Orthogonal Matching Pursuit using sparse random projections for scene and video classification (PDF)
Shiv Vitaladevuni (Raytheon BBN Technologies), Pradeep Natarajan, Rohit Prasad, Prem Natarajan
Building large urban environments from unstructured point data
Florent Lafarge, Clément Mallet (IGN)
Local Intensity Order Pattern for Feature Description (PDF, project,results,code,dataset)
Zhenhua Wang (NLPR-CASIA), Bin Fan (NLPR-CASIA), Fuchao Wu
Minimum Near-Convex Decomposition for Robust Shape Representation (PDF)
Zhou Ren (Nanyang Technological Univ.), Junsong Yuan (Nanyang Technological University), Li Chunyuan (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.), Liu Wenyu (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.)

Poster Session: Segmentation and Grouping (20 spotlights)

StereoCut: Consistent Interactive Object Selection in Stereo Image Pairs
Brian Price, Scott Cohen (Adobe Systems)
Are Spatial and Global Constraints Really Necessary for Segmentation? (PDF)
Aurelien Lucchi, Yunpeng Li, Xavier Boix, Kevin Smith, Pascal Fua
Segmentation from a Box (PDF)
Leo Grady, Marie-Pierre Jolly, Aaron Seitz
Multi-task Low-Rank Affinities Pursuit for Image Segmentation
Bin Cheng (NUS), Guangcan Liu (NUS), Jingdong Wang, Zhongyang Huang (Panasonic), Shuicheng Yan
Structure-sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
Gang Zeng, Peng Wang (Peking Univ), Jingdong Wang, Rui Gan, Hongbin Zha
Point-based Calibration Using a Parametric Representation of the General Imaging Model
Pedro Miraldo (ISR - Universidade de Coimbra), Helder Araujo, Joao Queiro (University of Coimbra)
Refractive Shape from Light Field Distortion (PDF)
Gordon Wetzstein, David Roodnick (University of British Columbia), Wolfgang Heidrich, Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab)
Self-Calibrating Depth from Refraction (PDF)
Zhihu Chen (The University of HongKong), Kwan-Yee Wong (The University of HongKong), Yasuyuki Matsushita, Xiaolong Zhu (The University of Hong Kong), Miaomiao Liu (The University of HongKong)
Latent Low-Rank Representation for Subspace Segmentation and Feature Extraction (PDF)
Guangcan Liu (NUS), Shuicheng Yan
Correlative Multi-Label Multi-Instance Image Annotation
Xiangyang Xue (Fudan University), Wei Zhang (, Jie Zhang, Fudan University (China), Bin Wu, Fudan University (China), Jianping Fan (UNC-Charlotte), Yao Lu (Fudan University)
Learning Equivariant Structured Output SVM Regressors (PDF) - formely: Learning Co-variant Structured Output SVM regressors
Andrea Vedaldi, Matthew Blaschko, Andrew Zisserman
Learning A Mixture of Sparse Distance Metrics for Classification and Dimensionality Reduction (PDF)
Yi Hong (UCLA), Quannan Li (UCLA), jiayan Jiang (ucla), Zhuowen Tu
Learning Specific-Class Segmentation from Diverse Data (PDF)
M. Pawan Kumar, Haithem Turki, Dan Preston, Daphne Koller
Tasting Families of Features for Image Classification (PDF)
Charles Dubout, Francois Fleuret
Low Order Dynamics Embedding for High Dimensional Time Series
Xiong Fei (Northeastern University), Octavia Camps, Mario Sznaier (Northeastern University)
A Nonparametric Riemannian Framework on Tensor Field with Application to Foreground Segmentation (PDF)
Rui Caseiro (ISR-FCTUC), João F. Henriques (ISR-FCTUC), Pedro Martins (ISR-FCTUC), Jorge Batista (ISR-FCTUC)
Gaussian Process Regression Flow for Analysis of Motion Trajectories (PDF, project, videos)
Kihwan Kim (Georgia Institute of Technolog), Dongryeol Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology), Irfan Essa
Panoramic Stereo Video Textures
Vincent Couture (Université de Montréal), Michael Langer, Sebastien Roy
Scale and Object Aware Image Retargeting for Thumbnail Browsing (PDF)
Jin Sun, Haibin Ling
Probabilistic 3D Object Recognition with Both Positive and Negative Evidences (PDF)
Sukhan Lee (SKKU), Zhaojin Lu (SKKU), Hyunwoo Kim (DAUM CORP)

Session 1: Optimization Methods

An Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient Outlier Removal (PDF)
Jin Yu, Anders Eriksson, Tat-Jun Chin, David Suter
Generalized Ordering Constraints for Multilabel Optimization (PDF)
Evgeny Strekalovskiy (TU Munich), Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)

Session 2: Geometric Computer Vision

Generalized Subgraph Preconditioners for Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment (PDF)
Yong-Dian Jian, Doru C. Balcan, Frank Dellaert
RECON: Scale-Adaptive Robust Estimation via Residual Consensus (PDF, code)
Rahul Raguram, Jan-Michael Frahm
Realtime Multibody Visual SLAM with a Smoothly Moving Monocular Camera (PDF, supplementary material, videos)
Abhijit Kundu, Madhava Krishna, C. V. Jawahar
A Revisit to Cost Aggregation in Stereo Matching: How Far Can We Reduce Its Computational Redundancy? (PDF)
Dongbo Min (ADSC), Jiangbo Lu (ADSC), Minh N. Do (UIUC)

Session 3: Scene Understanding

Multimodal Templates for Real-Time Detection of Texture-less Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes (PDF, project,videos)
Stefan Hinterstoisser, Stefan Holzer, Cedric Cagniart, Slobodan Ilic, Kurt Konolige, Nassir Navab, Vincent Lepetit
Image Based Detection of Geometric Changes in Urban Environments (PDF)
Aparna Taneja (ETH, Zurich), Luca Ballan (ETH, Zurich), Marc Pollefeys (ETH, Zurich)
Manhattan Scene Understanding Using Monocular, Stereo, and 3D Features (PDF, supplementary material)
Alex Flint, David Murray, Ian Reid

Session 4: Image Restoration and Retargeting

From Learning Models of Natural Image Patches to Whole Image Restoration (PDF, code)
Daniel Zoran, Yair Weiss
[BEST STUDENT PAPER] Close the Loop: Joint Blind Image Restoration and Recognition with Sparse Representation Prior (PDF)
Haichao Zhang, Jianchao Yang, Yanning Zhang, Thomas Huang
Geometrically Consistent Elastic Matching of 3D Shapes: A Linear Programming Solution (PDF)
Thomas Windheuser, Ulrich Schlickewei, Frank R. Schmidt, Daniel Cremers

Poster Session: Optimization Methods (15 spotlights)

Automatic Salient Object Extraction with Contextual Cue (PDF)
Le Wang, IAIR, XJTU (China), Jianru Xue, Nanning Zheng, Gang Hua
Predicting Occupation via Human Clothing and Contexts (PDF)
Zheng Song (National University of Singapo), Meng Wang (National University of Singapo), Xian-Sheng Hua, Shuicheng Yan
An Automatic Assembly and Completion Framework for Fragmented Skulls
Zhao Yin (Xiamen University), Li Wei, Mary Manhein (Department of Geography and Anthropology), Xin Li (Louisiana State University)
Stereo Reconstruction using High Order Likelihood (PDF)
Hoyub Jung (Seoul National University), Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee (Seoul National University)
2D-3D Fusion for Layer Decomposition of Urban Facades (PDF, project)
Yangyan Li (SIAT, China ), Qian Zheng (SIAT, China ), Andrei Sharf (Ben-Gurion University), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Baoquan Chen (SIAT, China ), Niloy J. Mitra (University College London)
Simultaneous Multi-Body Stereo and Segmentation (PDF)
Guofeng Zhang, Jiaya Jia, Hujun Bao
Center-surround Divergence of Feature Statistics for Salient Object Detection (PDF)
Dominik A. Klein, Simone Frintrop
What Characterizes a Shadow Boundary under the Sun and Sky? (PDF)
Xiang Huang (Northwestern University), Gang Hua, Jack Tumblin, Lance Williams
Semantic Contours from Inverse Detectors (PDF)
Bharath Hariharan, Pablo Arbelaez, Lubomir Bourdev, Subhransu Maji, Jitendra Malik
High Quality Image Reconstruction from RAW and JPEG Image Pair
Lu Yuan (Microsoft Research), Jian Sun
Automatic Construction of an Action Video Shot Database using Web Videos (PDF)
Do Hang Nga, Keiji Yanai
Feature Seeding for Action Recognition (PDF)
Pyry Matikainen (Carnegie Mellon University), Rahul Sukthankar, Martial Hebert
Spectral Learning of Latent Semantics for Action Recognition
Zhiwu Lu (Peking University), Yuxin Peng (Peking University), Horace Ip
Learning parameterized histogram kernels on the simplex manifold for image and action classification (PDF)
Vitaly Ablavsky, Stan Sclaroff
Probabilistic Group-Level Motion Analysis and Scenario Recognition (PDF)
Ming-Ching Chang (General Electric), Nils Krahnstoever (GE Global Research Center), Weina Ge (GE Global Research Center)

Poster Session: Geometric Computer Vision (20 spotlights)

Digital Anti-Aging in Face Images
Guodong Guo
Recognising Spontaneous Facial Micro-expressions (PDF)
Tomas Pfister (University of Oulu), Xiaobai Li (University of Oulu), Guoying Zhao ("), University of Oulu (Finland"), , Matti Pietikäinen
Inferring Human Gaze from Appearance via Adaptive Linear Regression
Feng Lu (The university of tokyo), Yusuke Sugano, Takahiro Okabe, Yoichi Sato
Sparse Representation or Collaborative Representation: Which Helps Face Recognition? (PDF, code)
Lei Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Meng Yang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Xiangchu Feng (Xidian University)
Real-time Indoor Scene Understanding using Bayesian Filtering with Motion Cues (PDF)
Grace Tsai (University of Michigan), Changhai Xu (University of Texas at Austin), Jingen Liu, Benjamin Kuipers
Pose Estimation from Reflections for Specular Surface Recovery
Miaomiao Liu (The University of HongKong), Kwan-Yee Wong (The University of HongKong), Zhenwen Dai (FIAS), Zhihu Chen (The University of HongKong)
Scan Rectification for Structured Light Range Sensors with Rolling Shutters (PDF)
Erik Ringaby (Linkoping University), Per-Erik Forssen
Decoupling Photometry and Geometry in Dense Variational Camera Calibration (PDF)
Mathieu Aubry (TU Munchen), Kalin Kolev, Bastian Goldluecke, Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)
Variational Recursive Joint Estimation of Dense Scene Structure and Camera Motion from Monocular High Speed Traffic Sequences (PDF)
Florian Becker (Heidelberg University), Frank Lenzen (Heidelberg University), Joerg Kappes (Heidelberg University), Christoph Schnoerr (Heidelberg University)
Automated Articulated Structure and 3D Shape Recovery from Point Correspondences (PDF)
Joao Fayad, Chris Russell, Lourdes Agapito
Parallelizable Inpainting and Refinement of Diffeomorphisms using Beltrami Holomorphic Flow
Tsz Wai Wong (UCLA), David Gu, Tony F. Chan (HKUST), Lok Ming Lui (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Markov Random Field-based Fitting of a Subdivision-based Geometric Atlas
Uday Kurkure, Yen Le, Nikos Paragios, Tao Ju, James Carson, Ioannis Kakadiaris
Physically-based Motion Models for 3D Tracking: A Convex Formulation (PDF)
Mathieu Salzmann (TTI Chicago), Raquel Urtasun
Modeling Temporal Coherence for Optical Flow (PDF)
Sebastian Volz (Saarland University), Andres Bruhn (Saarland University), Levi Valgaerts (Saarland University), Henning Zimmer
Accurate 3D Body Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Image
Mao Ye (University of Kentucky), Xianwang Wang (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Ruigang Yang (University of Kentucky), Liu Ren, Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich)
Dynamic Subspace-Based Coordinated Multicamera Tracking
Mustafa Ayazoglu (Northeastern University), Binlong Li (Northeastern University), Caglayan Dicle (Northeastern University), Mario Sznaier (Northeastern University), Octavia Camps
A Data-Driven Approach for Real-Time Full Body Pose Reconstruction from a Depth Camera (PDF, project,results, videos)
Andreas Baak, Meinard Muller, Gaurav Bharaj, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt
Optical Flow Estimation Using Learned Sparse Model (PDF)
Kui Jia (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Xiaoou Tang (CUHK)
Struck: Structured Output Tracking with Kernels (PDF, project)
Sam Hare, Amir Saffari, Philip H.S. Torr
Delta-Dual Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes: A pragmatic abnormal behaviour detector
Tom Haines, Queen Mary (Uni. of London), Tao Xiang (Queen Mary University of London)

Poster Session: Scene Understanding (20 spotlights)

Modeling Image Similarity by Gaussian Mixture Models and the Signature Quadratic Form Distance
Christian Beecks (RWTH Aachen University), Anca Ivanescu, Steffen Kirchhoff, Thomas Seidl (RWTH Aachen University)
Efficient Similarity Search for Covariance Matrices via the Jensen-Bregman LogDet Divergence (PDF)
Anoop Cherain (University of Minnesota), Suvrit Sra (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics), Arindam Banerjee (University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)
Scalable Object-Class Retrieval with Approximate and Top-k Ranking (PDF)
Mohammad Rastegari, Chen Fang, Lorenzo Torresani
Complementary Hashing for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search (PDF)
Hao Xu, Jingdong Wang, Zhu Li, Gang Zeng, Shipeng Li, Nenghai Yu
Visual Word Disambiguation by Semantic Contexts (PDF)
Yu Su, University of Caen (France), Frederic Jurie
Understanding Scenes on Many Levels (PDF)
Joseph Tighe, Svetlana Lazebnik
Multiclass Transfer Learning from Unconstrained Priors (PDF) - formely: Free Your Hands From Prior Knowledge: Multiclass Transfer Learning from Unconstrained Priors
Luo Jie, Tatiana Tommasi, Barbara Caputo
Learning a Category Independent Object Detection Cascade (PDF)
Esa Rahtu, Juho Kannala, Matthew Blaschko
In Defense of Soft-assignment Coding (PDF)
Lingqiao Liu, Lei Wang, Xinwang Liu
Assessing the aesthetic quality of photographs using generic image descriptors (PDF)
Luca Marchesotti (XRCE), Florent Perronnin (XRCE), Diane Larlus (XRCE), Gabriela Csurka (XRCE)
Evaluation of Image Features Using a Photorealistic Virtual World
Biliana Kaneva (MIT), Antonio Torralba, Bill Freeman
Modeling Spatial Layout with Fisher Vectors for Image Categorization (PDF) - formely: Fisher vectors to model spatial layout for image categorization
Josip Krapac, Jakob Verbeek, Frédéric Jurie
Annotator Rationales for Visual Recognition (PDF)
Jeff Donahue, Kristen Grauman
Fusing visual and range imaging for object class recognition
Aharon Bar-Hillel (GM), Dmitri Hanukaev, Dan Levi (GM)
Conditional Random Fields for Multi-Camera Object Detection (PDF)
Xavier Boix, Gemma Roig, Horesh Ben Shitrit, Pascal Fua
Tight Convex Relaxations for Vector-Valued Labeling Problems (PDF)
Evgeny Strekalovskiy (TU Munich), Bastian Goldluecke (TU Munich), Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)
Generalized Roof Duality for Pseudo-Boolean Optimization (PDF, project, code)
Fredrik Kahl, Petter Strandmark
A Graph Cut Algorithm for Higher-order Markov Random Fields
Alexander Fix (Cornell), Aritanan Gruber (Rutgers), Endre Boros, Ramin Zabih (Cornell)
Stereo Time-of-Flight (PDF)
Victor Castañeda, Diana Mateus, Nassir Navab
Dense One-shot 3D Reconstruction by Detecting Continuous Regions with Parallel Line Projection
Ryusuke Sagawa (AIST), Hiroshi Kawasaki, Ryo Furukawa (Hiroshima City University), Shota Kiyota (Kagoshima University)

Poster Session: Image Restoration and Retargeting (20 spotlights)

Shared Shape Spaces
Victor Prisacariu (University of Oxford), Ian Reid
Image Segmentation by Figure-Ground Composition into Maximal Cliques (PDF)
Adrian Ion, Joao Carreira, Cristian Sminchisescu
A Convex Framework for Image Segmentation with Moment Constraints (PDF)
Maria Klodt (TU München), Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)
Active Geodesics: Region based Active Contour Segmentation with a Global Edge based Constraint (PDF)
Vikram Appia (Georgia Tech), Anthony Yezzi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Probabilistic Image Segmentation with Closedness Constraints
Bjoern Andres (University of Heidelberg), Joerg Kappes (Heidelberg University), Thorsten Beier (University of Heidelberg), Ullrich Koethe (Univ. Heidelberg), Fred Hamprecht (Univ. of Heidelberg)
Face Reconstruction in the Wild (PDF, project)
Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Steven Seitz
Multiview 3D Warps (PDF, supplementary material, project, videos)
Alessio Del Bue, Adrien Bartoli
Optimal Object Matching via Convexification and Composition (PDF, videos)
Hongsheng Li, Junzhou Huang, Shaoting Zhang, Xiaolei Huang
Viewpoint Invariant 3D Model Inference from Monocular 2D Images Using Higher-Order Priors
Chaohui Wang (Ecole Centrale Paris/INRIA), Yun Zeng, Loic Simon (ECP), Ioannis Kakadiaris (University of Houston), Dimitris Samaras, Nikos Paragios
Isotonic CCA for Sequence Alignment and Activity Recognition
Shahriar Shariat (Rutgers), Vladimir Pavlovic
The Power of Comparative Reasoning
Jay Yagnik (Google Inc), Dennis Strelow (Google Inc), David Ross (Google Inc), Ruei-sung Lin (Google Inc)
Adaptive Deconvolutional Networks for Mid and High Level Feature Learning (PDF)
Matthew D. Zeiler, Graham W. Taylor, Rob Fergus
Multiclass Recognition and Part Localization with Humans in the Loop (PDF)
Catherine Wah (UCSD), Steven Branson, Pietro Perona, Serge Belongie (UCSD)
Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning via ?1-norm Graph
Feiping Nie, University of Texas at Arlington (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), Hua Wang (Univ. of Texas at Arlington), Heng Huang (University of Texas Arlington), Chris Ding
Building a better probabilistic model of images by factorization (PDF)
Jack Culpepper (UC Berkeley), Jascha Sohl-Dickstein (UC Berkeley), Bruno Olahausen (UC Berkeley)
Dynamic Manifold Warping for View Invariant Action Recognition (PDF)
Dian Gong (Univ. of Southern California), Gerard Medioni
Dynamic Texture Classification Using Dynamic Fractal Analysis (PDF)
Yong Xu, Yuhui Quan, Haibin Ling, Hui Ji
Simplification of 3D Morphable Models (PDF)
Ankur Patel, William A. P. Smith
Multi-view Repetitive Structure Detection (PDF, supplementary material) - formely: Multi-view Symmetry Detection
Nianjuan Jiang, Ping Tan, Loong Fah Cheong
Multi-hypothesis Motion Planning for Visual Object Tracking (PDF, slides, poster)
Haifeng Gong (University of Pennsylvania), Jack Sim (University of Pennsylvania), Maxim Likhachev (Carnegie Mellon University), Jianbo Shi (University of Pennsylvania")

Session 1: Matching

Fast Template Matching in Non-Linear Tone-Mapped Images (PDF, code)
Yacov Hel-Or (IDC Herzelia), Hagit Hel-Or (University of Haifa), Eyal David (University of Haifa)
Coherency Sensitive Hashing (PDF, project,dataset,code)
Simon Korman (Tel-Aviv University), Shai Avidan (Tel-Aviv University)

Session 2: Motion and Tracking

Tracking by Sampling Trackers (PDF)
Junseok Kwon, Kyoung Mu Lee
Full DOF tracking of a hand interacting with an object by modeling occlusions and physical constraints (PDF, project, videos)
Iasonas Oikonomidis, Nikos Kyriazis, Antonis Argyros (FORTH, Greece)
Latent Structured Models for Human Pose Estimation (PDF) - formely: Structured model for segment selection and pose estimation
Catalin Ionescu, Fuxin Li, Cristian Sminchisescu
Globally Optimal Solution to Multi-Object Tracking with Merged Measurements (PDF)
João F. Henriques (ISR-FCTUC), Rui Caseiro (ISR-FCTUC), Jorge Batista (ISR-FCTUC)

Session 3: Image Processing

Handling Outliers in Non-Blind Image Deconvolution (PDF, supplementary material, project)
Sunghyun Cho (POSTECH), Jue Wang (Adobe Systems), Seungyong Lee (POSTECH)
Fast Removal of Non-uniform Camera Shake (PDF, project, poster)
Michael Hirsch (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Christian Schuler (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Stefan Harmeling (MPI for Intelligent Systems), Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI for Intelligent Systems)
Introducing Total Curvature for Image Processing (PDF)
Bastian Goldluecke (TU Munich), Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)

Session 4: Faces

Fourier Active Appearance Models (PDF)
Rajitha Navarathna (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Sridha Sridharan (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Simon Lucey (CSIRO, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Learning Universal Multi-view Age Estimator by Video Contexts (PDF)
Zheng Song, Bingbing Ni, Dong Guo, Terence Sim, Shuicheng Yan
Robust and Efficient Parametric Face Alignment (PDF)
Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Maja Pantic

Poster Session: Matching (15 spotlights)

Home 3D Body Scans from Noisy Image and Range Data (PDF)
Alex Weiss (Brown University), David Hirshberg (Brown University), Michael Black (Max-Planck Inst. Tuebingen)
High Quality Depth Map Upsampling for 3D-TOF Cameras (PDF)
Jaesik Park, Hyeongwoo Kim, Yu-Wing Tai, Michael S. Brown, Inso Kweon
Material-Specific User Colour Profiles from Imaging Spectroscopy Data
Lin Gu (Australian National University), Cong Phuoc Huynh (Australian National University), Antonio Robles-Kelly, Jun Zhou (NICTA)
Dense Disparity Maps from Sparse Disparity Measurements (PDF, project)
Simon Hawe, Martin Kleinsteuber, Klaus Diepold
Aerial 3D Reconstruction with Line-Constrained Dynamic Programming
Huei-Hung Liao (USC), Yuping Lin, Gerard Medioni
Fusing Generic Objectness and Visual Saliency for Salient Object Detection
Kai-Yueh Chang (NTHU and Academia Sinica), Tyng-Luh Liu, Hwann-Tzong Chen, Shang-Hong Lai (NTHU)
Cluster-based Color Space Optimizations (PDF)
Cheryl Lau, Wolfgang Heidrich, Rafa%u0142 Mantiuk
Towards Accurate and Efficient Representation of Image Irradiance of Convex-Lambertian Objects Under Unknown Near Lighting (PDF)
Shireen Elhabian (University of Louisville), Ham Rara (University of Louisville), Aly Farag (University of Louisville)
Color Photometric Stereo for Multicolored Surfaces (PDF)
Robert Anderson (Cambridge University), Bjorn Stenger (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd), Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge)
BRISK: Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints (PDF, project, videos)
Stefan Leutenegger, Margarita Chli, Roland Y. Siegwart
Salient Object Detection using Concavity Context
Jie Feng (Peking University), Yichen Wei, Litian Tao (Beihang University), Chao Zhang (Peking University), Jian Sun
Action Recognition in Cluttered Dynamic Scenes using Pose-Specific Part Models
Vivek Singh (USC), Ram Nevatia
Human Activity Prediction: Early Recognition of Ongoing Activities from Streaming Videos (PDF)
M. S. Ryoo
Discriminative Figure-Centric Models for Joint Action Localization and Recognition (PDF)
Tian Lan, Yang Wang, Greg Mori
Understanding Egocentric Activities (PDF)
Alireza Fathi, Ali Farhadi, James M. Rehg

Poster Session: Motion and Tracking (20 spotlights)

Unsupervised Metric Learning for Face Identification in TV Video (PDF)
Ramazan Gokberk Cinbis (INRIA Rhone-Alpes), Jakob Verbeek, Cordelia Schmid (INRIA)
Fully Automatic Pose-Invariant Face Recognition via 3D Pose Normalization
Akshay Asthana (Australian National University), Tim Marks, Michael Jones, Kinh Tieu, Rohith MV (University of Delaware)
Shape-constrained Gaussian Process Regression for Facial-point-based Head-pose Normalization
Ognjen Rudovic (Imperial College London), Maja Pantic
Discriminative Multi-Manifold Analysis for Face Recognition from a Single Training Sample per Person (PDF)
Jiwen Lu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Yap-Peng Tan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Gang Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore / Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore)
Fisher Discrimination Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation (PDF, code)
Meng Yang, Lei Zhang, Xiangchu Feng, David Zhang
Robust Topological Features for Deformation Invariant Image Matching (PDF)
Edgar Lobaton, Ramanarayan Vasudevan (University of California), Ron Alterovitz, Ruzena Bajcsy (UC Berkeley)
Optimizing Polynomial Solvers for Minimal Geometry Problems (PDF)
Oleg Naroditsky, Kostas Daniilidis
3D Reconstruction of a Smooth Articulated Trajectory from a Monocular Image Sequence (PDF, project,videos)
Hyun Soo Park (CMU), Yaser Sheikh (CMU)
Multiview Structure from Motion in Trajectory Space
Aamer Zaheer (Lahore Univ of Management Sciences), Ijaz Akhter (Lahore Univ of Management Sciences), Mohammad Haris Baig (LUMS), Shabbir Marzban (LUMS), Sohaib Khan (Lahore Univ of Mngmnt Sciences)
Exploiting the Manhattan-world Assumption for Extrinsic Self-calibration of Multi-modal Sensor Networks
Marcel Brückner (University Jena), Joachim Denzler (Uni Jena)
A geometric solver for calibrated stereo egomotion
Enrique Dunn (UNC), Brian Clipp (ARA), Jan-Michael Frahm
Semi-supervised Learning and Optimization for Hypergraph Matching (PDF) - formely: Learning and Optimization for Hypergraph Matching
Marius Leordeanu, Andrei Zanfir, Cristian Sminchisescu
Efficient Algorithm for Low-rank Matrix Factorization with Missing Components and Performance Comparison of Latest Algorithms
Takayuki Okatani, Takahiro Yoshida, Koichiro Deguchi (Tohoku University)
An adaptive coupled-layer visual model for robust visual tracking (PDF)
Luka Cehovin (University of Ljubljana), Matej Kristan (University of Ljubljana), Ales Leonardis (University of Ljubljana)
Hough-based Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects (PDF, supplementary material,project)
Martin Godec (TUGraz), Peter M. Roth (TUGraz), Horst Bischof (TUGraz)
Linear Time Offline Tracking and Lower Envelope Algorithms (PDF)
Steve Gu, Ying Zheng, Carlo Tomasi
Temporally Coded Flash Illumination for Motion Deblurring (PDF)
Scott McCloskey, Honeywell ACS Labs
N-best maximal decoders for part models (PDF)
Dennis Park (UC Irvine), Deva Ramanan
Fast Articulated Motion Tracking using a Sums of Gaussians Body Model (PDF, supplementary material, videos)
Carsten Stoll (MPI Informatik), Nils Hasler, Juergen Gall (ETH Zurich), Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt
Robust Unsupervised Motion Pattern Inference from Video and Applications
Xuemei Zhao (USC), Gerard Medioni

Poster Session: Image Processing (20 spotlights)

Smooth Object Retrieval using a Bag of Boundaries (PDF)
Relja Arandjelovic, Andrew Zisserman
Fast Image-Based Localization using Direct 2D-to-3D Matching (PDF, supplementary material, project)
Torsten Sattler, Bastian Leibe, Leif Kobbelt
Large-Scale Image Annotation using Visual Synset (PDF)
David Tsai (Georgia Tech), Yushi Jing (Google), Yi Liu (Google), Henry Rowley, Sergey Ioffe, James Rehg
Edge foci interest points (PDF, project, supplementary material, dataset)
C. Lawrence Zitnic, Krishnan Ramnath
Weakly Supervised Object Detector Learning with Model Drift Detection
Parthipan Siva (Queen Mary University of Londo), Tao Xiang (Queen Mary University of London)
End-to-end Scene Text Recognition (PDF)
Kai Wang, Boris Babenko, Serge Belongie
Regression from Local Features for Viewpoint and Pose Estimation (PDF)
Marwan Torki (Rutgers University), Ahmed Elgammal (Rutgers University)
Recognizing Jumbled Images: The Role of Local and Global Information in Image Classification (PDF) - formely: In Favor of Globalization: Recognizing Jumbled Images
Devi Parikh
Robust Object Pose Estimation via Statistical Manifold Modeling (PDF)
Liang Mei, Jingen Liu, Alfred Hero, Silvio Savarese
Compact Correlation Coding for Visual Object Categorization
Nobuyuki Morioka (University of New South Wales), Shin'ichi Satoh (National Institute of Informatics)
Discovering Object Instances from Scenes of Daily Living (PDF)
Hongwen Kang (CMU), Martial Hebert, Takeo Kanade
Density-aware person detection and tracking in crowds PDF(project,abstract, videos)
Mikel Rodriguez, Ivan Laptev, Josef Sivic, Jean-Yves Audibert
Source Camera Identification Using Auto-White Balancing Approximation (PDF)
Zhonghai Deng, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Arjan Gijsenij (Univ. of Amsterdam), Jingyuan Zhang, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Tabula Rasa: Model Transfer for Object Category Detection (PDF)
Yusuf Aytar (Oxford university), Andrew Zisserman
Ask the locals: multi-way local pooling for image recognition (PDF, supplementary material)
Y-Lan Boureau, Nicolas Le Roux, francis bach, Jean Ponce (ENS Paris), Yann LeCun
Superpixels via Pseudo-Boolean Optimization
Yuhang Zhang (The Australian National Uni), Richard Hartley (The Australian National University), John Mashford (CSIRO), Stewart Burn (CSIRO)
Who Blocks Who: Simultaneous Clothing Segmentation for Grouping Images (PDF)
Wang Nan (Tsinghua University), Haizhou Ai (Tsinghua University)
Level-Set Person Segmentation and Tracking with Multi-Region Appearance Models and Top-Down Shape Information (PDF)
Esther Horbert, Konstantinos Rematas, Bastian Leibe
Key-Segments for Video Object Segmentation (PDF)
Yong Jae Lee, Jaechul Kim, Kristen Grauman
Localized Principal Component Analysis based Curve Evolution: A Divide and Conquer Approach (PDF)
Vikram Appia (Georgia Tech), Balaji Ganapathy (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tracy Faber (Emory University), Anthony Yezzi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Poster Session: Faces (20 spotlights)

Sparse Multi-Task Regression and Feature Selection to Identify Brain Imaging Predictors for Memory Performance
Hua Wang (Univ. of Texas at Arlington), Feiping Nie, University of Texas at Arlington (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), Heng Huang (University of Texas Arlington), Shannon Risacher, Chris Ding, Andrew Saykin (Department of Radiology and)
Automated Corpus Callosum Extraction via Laplace-Beltrami Nodal Parcellation and Intrinsic Geodesic Curvature Flows on Surfaces
Rongjie Lai, Yonggang Shi, Nancy Sicotte, Arthur Toga
Segmentation Fusion for Connectomics (project)
Amelio Vazquez-Reina (Harvard and Tufts), Michael Gelbart (Harvard), Daniel Huang (Harvard), Jeff Lichtman (Harvard), Eric Miller (Tufts), Hanspeter Pfister (Harvard)
Single-Shot High Dynamic Range Imaging with Conventional Camera Hardware
Keigo Hirakawa (University of Dayton), Paul Simon (University of Dayton)
Imaging via Three-dimensional Compressive Sampling (3DCS) (PDF)
Xianbiao Shu, Narendra Ahuja
Locally Rigid Globally Non-rigid Surface Registration (PDF)
Kent Fujiwara (The University of Tokyo), Ko Nishino (Drexel University), Jun Takamatsu, Bo Zheng (The University of Tokyo), Katsushi Ikeuchi (The University of Tokyo)
Multiscale, Curvature-Based Shape Representation for Surfaces
Ruirui Jiang (Stony Brook University), David Gu
Robust Consistent Correspondence Between 3D Non-Rigid Shapes Based On "Dual Shape-DNA"
Huai-Yu Wu (Peking University &), NLPR (CASIA), Hongbin Zha
Discriminative High Order SVD: Adaptive Tensor Subspace Selection for Image Classification, Clustering, and Retrieval
Dijun Luo (UTA), Heng Huang (University of Texas Arlington), Chris Ding
Dynamic and Hierarchical Multi-Structure Geometric Model Fitting
Hoi Sim Wong (The University of Adelaide), Tat-Jun Chin (The University of Adelaide), Jin Yu (The University of Adelaide), David Suter
Linear Dependency Modeling for Feature Fusion
Andy J H Ma (Hong Kong Baptist University), Pong C Yuen (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Unsupervised Metric Learning for Face Identification in TV Video
Jiayan Jiang (UCLA), Bo Wang (University of Toronto), Zhuowen Tu
Slow feature analysis and decorrelation filtering for separating correlated sources
Minh Ha Quang (Italian Institute of Technolog), Laurenz Wiskott (ruhr university bochum)
Integrating Local Classifiers through Nonlinear Dynamics on Label Graphs with an Application to Image Segmentation (PDF)
Yutian Chen (UC Irvine), Andrew Gelfand, University of California (Irvine), Charless Fowlkes (UC Irvine), Max Welling (UC Irvine)
Means in spaces of tree-like shapes (PDF)
Aasa Feragen, Søren Hauberg, Mads Nielsen, François Lauze
Sorted Random Projections for Robust Texture Classification
Li Liu (NUDT), Paul Fieguth, Gangyao Kuang, Hongbin Zha
Object Recoloring based on Intrinsic Image Estimation (PDF, project)
Shida Beigpour, Joost van de Weijer
Shading-based Dynamic Shape Refinement from Multi-view Video under General Illumination (PDF)
Chenglei Wu, Kiran Varanasi, Yebin Liu, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt
A Direct Least-Squares (DLS) Method for PnP (PDF)
Joel A. Hesch, Stergios I. Roumeliotis
Speeded-up, relaxed spatial matching (PDF)
Giorgos Tolias (NTUA), Yannis Avrithis (NTUA)